Insulation Tester Made Easy

You will learn about how you can use a megger insulation tester. To test wire insulation value, high voltage is used by megohmmeter, which is also called a megger. 1,000, 00 ohms is equivalent to around a megohm of opposition or resistance. The insulation of wire is ensured with resistance measurement high value, which usually tells that there is no break alongside the wire length. On the wire conductor, a high voltage insulation tester is placed so that you can take the measurements of resistance value. Generally, voltage ranging from around 1000 to 3000 V is generated by the meggers, which is supposed to have battery type.

To use insulation tester, you will require plastic wire nuts and electrical hand-held equipments. Electrical power switches should be removed or taken away from the wiring which is supposed to be tested. An appropriate electrical hand-held tool or equipment should be used to separate the wire from any circuit segment. To separate the wire which is supposed to be tested; several types of tools or equipments are needed, this is due to some electrical circuit complexity. Insulation tester is the best option for this problem and provides good results, which are quite authentic and used for several projects.

Before starting the use of insulation tester, electrical power should he removed or taken away from the wiring. Moreover, you should also try to expose both ends of the wire. You can do it by exposing the connection point of the bare copper. Using a wiring nut, one end of the wire connection should be covered. Through the process, the conductor will be insulated accidently from shorting to floor and false reading comes out. Megohmmeter positive end should be attached on the wire which is being tested to the other copper connection bare end. Ground wire should be connected to the electrical system metal ground from the meter. This point especially will be the major electric panel container or the metal conduit. This is the simple way of using insulation tester.

The meter should be switched in “on” position. You can find a charging button in most of the megohmmeters, which are positioned on the meter face. Before observing the meter, charge button should be pressed carefully. While using the insulation tester you will realize that meter takes around five seconds to provide charging to the wiring to high voltage which is very high.

Meter should be read while using the insulation tester. If reading range on meter face points over 999 megohmmeter, it means a wire is being insulated perfectly. If readings range on meter face points lower than 1.00 megohmmeter, it means a wire is not being insulated perfectly and there is a problem in wire. Reading is operated without any problem, between 2 resistances to the circuit of the electricity. In addition to learning about how to use insulation tester, you can also learn so many things about other testers as well. These testers are manufactured by different companies and they provide all the related information on their websites.

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